Coaching Monitor for clients

If your coach has asked you to fill in a questionnaire via Coaching Monitor regarding your coaching , please use the 'Start' button in the invitation you received by email. It is not necessary to log in on this website.

In the email invitation from your coach, you will find a unique link (behind the 'Start' button) leading to a special webpage containing the questionnaire. A questionnaire consists of different parts. The data that you enter will be encoded and sent directly to the Coaching Monitor's database. If possible, your coach will give you feedback on the questionnaires.

The Coaching Monitor is easy to use, secure and online available online 24/7. The Coaching Monitor has been developed in cooperation with a large number of professional coaches, scientists and web developers. 

Read more about the use of the Coaching Monitor here: Privacy statement.

Read more about the background and set-up of the Coaching Monitor here: Background.

And your coach?

If your coach does not use the Coaching Monitor, send him/her the URL to this page, and ask him/her to use the Coaching Monitor to increase the efficiency of your coaching .