Quality assurance for sponsors

Is coaching a black box for you? Do you have questions regarding the efficiency of coaching? Would you like more insight into the methods of the coaches you hire? The Coaching Monitor provides an answer to all these questions.

The Coaching Monitor offers coaching purchasers more certainty about the quality of the coach and the efficiency of coaching . 

Measuring and reporting

Coaches using the Coaching Monitor monitor their own coaching and measure the results. Formulating clear goals and measuring progress by means of standardised and validated questionnaires leads to transparent end results. It is also possible to involve third parties in the coaching by means of 360-degree feedback and peer evaluation. In this way, not only the coach’s and client’s opinions are mapped, but also those of other (involved) parties (for example the supervisor or an entire team).

All results in one clear overview

The results are automatically converted to clear visual reports by the Monitor. These represent the effectiveness and the return on inventment (ROI) clearly in one overview.
An sample report created with the Coaching Monitor can be found here: Sample Report Coaching.

The Coaching Monitor is easy to use, secure and online available at all times. The Coaching Monitor has been developed in cooperation with a large number of professional coaches, behavioural scientists and web developers. The instrument is part of the online NOBCO/EMCC-NL 'Knowledge Centre for Coaching'.

Would you like more insight into and certainty about the efficiency of coaching? Then ask your coach to use the Coaching Monitor or select a NOBCO/EMCC-NL coach who already uses the Coaching Monitor.

Click here for an overview of NOBCO/EMCC-NL coaches: professional coaches.

Read more about the background and set-up of the Coaching Monitor here: Background.

Would you like to know more about the Coaching Monitor? Please contact David Brode (board member NOBCO/EMCC-NL) or send an email to info@nobco.nl.